Pen the Human
Pen looks exactly like Finn but with a different backpack.
Name Pen
Sex Male
Age 14
Species Human
Occupation Hero-Adventurer
Relatives Finn (Brother)
Nate (Adoptive Brother)
Jake (Other Adoptive Brother)
Introduced in "When World's Collide"
Voiced by Erik Rosaen
Pen (Full Name:Pen the Human) is one of the main protagonist in Time Adventure Timeand Adventure Time with Finn, Jake and Pen.


Pen 2
Pen is a 14 year old human boy. He has long brown hair, wears a bear hat, blue t-shirt, and Navy blue shorts, and carries a backpack (lighter shade of orange on top and darker red on the bottom) and wears rolled down socks and black shoes for footwear. He is about 5"3-5"5 in height and has the average build for his age. His twin brother, Finn, lookes the same but his pack is light green and dark green.


Pen loves to do any adventure with his adoptive brother Nate, his brother Finn and Pen's other adoptive brother, Jake. He loves to save anyone in danger.



Nate is Pen's adoptive brother. They are also roomates, just like Finn and Jake. But they mostly act like best-friends. They can't do anything without eachother. They are never seen without eachother. It is only rarely that they are seen apart. Before they went to Earth (They lived on Saturn) to be near Pen's brother, they lived in the castle in the Hard Candy Kingdom with Princess Gumball.


Finn is Pen's brother. When they both found out (Pen: from Princess Gumball and Finn: from Princess Bubblegum) that they had a brother, Pen said that he would live on Earth forever. When he finally found the Land of Ooo, he and Nate lived with Finn and Jake in the Tree Fort. They get really along with eachother, they never fight. He always loves to go on adventures with Finn and Jake anytime.

Water PrincessEdit

Water Princess is Pen's girlfriend. He is currently dating her. When Pen said that he and Nate were going to Earth to live near Finn and Jake, Water Princess came with them to Earth. She and Pen are mostly like Finn and Flame Princess, only thing is that she doesn't have elemental matrix. They never fight with each other. She is veary calm also. She also gets along with Flame Princess alot.