He looks like Me-Mow but is nothing like him.
Name Nate
Sex Male
Age 28 (In Magical Cat years)
Species Cat
Occupation Hero-Adventurer
Relatives Finn (Adoptive Brother)
Pen (Adoptive Brother)
Jake (Adoptive Brother)
Introduced in "When World's Collide"
Voiced by C. Moore
Nate (Full Name:Nate the Cat) is one of the protagonist in Adventure Time and Adventure Time with Finn, Jake and Pen.


Nate is a normal sized cat, who looks like Me-Mow but diffrent eye color (Me-Mow's is pink, and Nate's is yellow), but they are not alike at all. Nate is a white cat with striped fur. He has large yellow eyes, a circular mouth with pointed teeth, and razor sharp claws. His tail is unusually long and prehensile. His tail can puff up during attack mode.


He has, like Jake, has Stretchy Powers and can stretch to any form.



Pen is Nate's adoptive brother. They are also roomates, just like Finn and Jake. But they mostly act like best-friends. They can't do anything without eachother. They are never seen without eachother. It is only rarely that they are seen apart. Before they went to Earth (They lived on Saturn) to be near Pen's brother, they lived in the castle in the Hard Candy Kingdom with Princess Gumball.

Unnamed GirlfriendEdit

Nate has an unnamed girlfriend who hasn't appeared in the series yet, but she was mentioned in "When World's Collide" when Nate called her. She still lives on Saturn, but he goes to visit her once in a wile. The creator said she will appear later in the series.