Finn the Human
Original Finn
Name Finn
Sex Male
Age 14
Species Human
Occupation Hero-Adventurer
Relatives Pen (Brother)
Jake (Adoptive Brother)
Margret the Dog (Adoptive Mother)
Joshua the Dog (Adoptive Father)
Jermaine (Adoptive Brother)
Jake and Lady's children (Adoptive Nice's and Nephews)
Introduced in (Appearances in different series)

Adventure Time: "Animated Short" (Pen); "Slumber Party Panic" (Finn)

Voiced by Zack Shada (pilot)
Jeremy Shada (series)
Finn (Full Name:Finn the Human) is the main protagonist in Adventure Time.


Finn is a 14 year old human. He has long blond hair, wears a white bear hat, wears a blue t-shirt and navy blue pants, carries a backpack (lighter shade of green on top half and darker shade o green on lower half) and wears rolled down socks and black shoes for footwear. He is about 5"3-5"5 in height and has the average build for his age. His twin brother, Pen, lookes the same but his pack is red and orange.


Finn loves to do any adventure (Made up or real). He also loves to save anyone who is in danger.


Jake the DogEdit

Jake the Dog is Finn's adoptive brother, but they act like best friends and roomates. They are never seen without each other.

Pen the HumanEdit

Pen the Human is Finn's real brother. They met in "When World's Collide" they have been wondering what is it like when they were young. Pen remembers their parents, mostly his mother.

Flame PrincessEdit

Finn is currently dating Flame Princess. In the episode, "To the Future" it shows that Finn and Flame Princess get married (Finn always  would wear the spell that he can touch Fire), and they had two children, one named Flamber Duke of the Fire Kingdom, and Kim Duchess of the Flame Kingdom.

Princess BubblegumEdit

Princess Bubblegum was Finn's former love interest. But they are really good friends. Once in a wile Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum have and Adventure together, and sometimes but rarely they have some weird moments. But they get over it quickly. One adventure that they had is in the episode "Slumber Party Panic II", when once again Finn, Jake, and Princess Bubblegum have to fight zombies,but in this episode Pen joins.